Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Are Inflatable Bounce Houses Completely Safe?

Since the infamous video and news stories all over have covered a bounce house flying through the area that had children inside of it, many parents and guardians are starting to question the issue of safety - and rightfully so.

That makes the question on everyone's mind obvious: are bounce houses completely safe?

While this incident should have never occurred, it's an unfortunate risk that comes with doing activities in life, much like anything else. HOWEVER, if you are going to operate a bounce house business, you should always go the extra mile to either:

a.) Make sure every rental you are leaving with a customer is properly tied down and totally secured


b.) Always use your best judgement about whether or not the weather is permitting of setting up a bounce house without this type of risk. More importantly, make sure your customers know this too!

Don't get us wrong, there may or may not be anyone that is specifically at fault here. However, good judgment should have allowed the people that were present at that event to know that the winds were too strong to be bouncing. 

Unless this just happened to be some freak accident, this should have never happened in the first place. It did though, and there's a lesson in it for parents, guardians and inflatable rental providers everywhere. 

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