Monday, September 26, 2016

Events That Bounce Houses and Other Inflatables Make a Splash At

Bounce house rentals have become a hit at parties and events all around the country. In fact, it's hard to even go to a child's birthday party without being in the presence of a bouncy house, slide or other kind of inflatable rental.

It's great because kids get more exercise, they have lots of fun playing and running around with their friends and the parents get to watch in joy as their kids have a great time. Inflatables have truly become a win-win situation for all parties involved, except some people may not feel that way about the price. :)

Maybe you have been thinking about renting a bounce house or other kind of inflatable for a party you are hosting. Maybe you have no idea what kind of events these rentals are even suitable for.

Whatever the case, our goal is to help fill you in a little more, and provide the information you may or may not have been looking for. 

Here is a list of events and other special occasions that we have personally witnessed our own customers renting inflatables for.

  1. Birthday parties (but of course!)
  2. Anniversary parties
  3. Church gatherings/get-togethers
  4. Backyard parties
  5. Graduation parties
  6. Bat and bar mitzvahs 
  7. HOA events
  8. Corporate parties
  9. Office parties
  10. Neighborhood block parties
  11. Holiday parties
  12. Family reunions
For many of the special occasions in your life, inflatables can add an extra touch of special.

When parents see their kids happy and having a great time, they have a great time. 

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